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WP Instagram Post and Widget Pro

Post and Widget For Instagram

A simple plugin for your site to upload/post your WordPress posts, products and all custom post types to Instagram automatically. It will do the magic when you publish new post through WordPress. It will be shared with your Instagram friends, followers through your Instagram account. You can also add Instagram Widget.

WP Instagram Post and Widget Pro

WooSocio Pro! WooCommerce Plugin

Post and Widget for Facebook

A WordPress plugin for WooCommerce site to upload/post woo products to Facebook automatically with optional time delay. It will post when you publish new product through WooCommerce. It will be shared to your Facebook friends, followers through your wall or pages and on your Facebook groups. You can also add like/share buttons to your woo products and get more traffic.

WP Facebook Comments Pro

Lets people comment and share with Facebook account

The WP Facebook Comments plugin lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook account. People can choose to share their comment activity with their friends (and friends of their friends) on Facebook as well. Also you can moderate the comments by using Facebook tools.

WP Facebook Comments Pro
WooTweet Pro

WooTweet! Twitter Plugin

Post and widget for Twitter

A simple plugin for your site to tweet your posts, WooCommerce products and all custom post types automatically. It will do the magic when you publish new post/product. It will be shared on your Twitter account. You can add Tweet button on posts/products. It can also show your live tweets on your site by widget in any area.

Image Hover Effects – WordPress Plugin

Image Hover Effects is an impressive hover effects collection.It is Fastest and Simplest plugin which apply over 40 hover effect to images on front end. A bunch of options can be made by admin to customize these hover effects. It won’t use any JS API. Pure CSS3 is used to render apply effect fastly. It contains lightbox option. It allows to open link,image and caption content in lightbox. You can set background image as well as color and gives you all options by which you can set images with animations as you want. You can use it as displaying your team or you can create product showcase with animations.

Image Hover Effects - WordPress Plugin

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