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WP Instagram Post and Widget Pro


WP Instagram Post and Widget Pro

WooSocio Pro! WooCommerce Plugin

Post your Woocommerce products to Facebook on publish/update automatically.



  • * Post products on Facebook wall, pages and groups
  • * Post on page as page owner (post from page)
  • * post to multiple pages and/or groups at once
  • * post products with optional time delay between posting
  • * Post products multiple times (on every update)
  • * Bulk posts to pages, groups (multiple posts at once)
  • * Add Facebook like/share buttons on product page
  • * Bulk like/share button on/off option
  • * Option to share admin connection to all users.
  • * Multi user ready (Every wp user can connect with its own account)
  • * Saved connection option. No more need to connect every time to post.
  • * Rich product page
  • * And many more to come…
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WooSocio Pro

WP Facebook Comments

Lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook account.

WP Facebook Comments

WP Instagram Post And Widget

Posts any type of WordPress post/products to Instagram on publish/update automatically.

WP Instagram Post! New Wordpress plugin!

WooTweet! Free WooCommerce Plugin

Tweet your Woocommerce products to Twitter on publish/update automatically.


Image Hover Effects – WordPress Plugin


Image Hover Effects - WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Simple to use WooCommerce extension to control all fields on checkout page.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

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