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WooSocio Pro V1.2 released

WooSocio Pro V1.2 released

WooSocio Pro V1.2 released – Genial Souls

Version 1.2 Released 24/11/2015

GenialSouls released a new version of its pro plugin, WooSocio Pro V1.2

Facebook groups are an important part of online marketing. After getting demand from many customers, we added the feature in the new release of WooSocio Pro V1.2 to post products on Facebook groups along with Facebook pages and wall.

New version have the following new features/updates.

  • Added: Post to Facebook groups API v2.5
  • Added: Facebook cache cleaner
    • Refresh product URL in Facebook automatically!
    • Updates product featured image correctly!
    • No more wrong images!
  • Added: View permissions granted to your Facebook App.
  • Update: Post to Facebook pages API v2.5

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